Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ronaldo testina

Non sono stato un tifoso dell'Inter, ma questa e' proprio una bastardata. Pochi giocatori sono stati voluti bene come lui, e certe cose non vanno fatte.
A parer mio e' un mercenario.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

About a book

The girl called Jules by Milena Milani
This bok has been devised in 1947 and written in 1961. Maybe it is necessary to write only the years for understanding that this book is revolutionary for the condition of the women. This book is written in a simple Italian no frills (I'm sorry for my foreign friends). This book keeps the impetus (thanks to continuous flash-back) of the revelation of the womanliness in all her appearances. Maybe it is more suitable for women but also the men have to read a book of this kind to obtain a better understanding of a woman.
A book with a lot of judicial troubles for its author during the period (maybe not again terminated) of puritanical hypocrisy of Italy.